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The Olaplex Treatment

What is Olaplex & Why is it so good for your hair?

At The Royal Palace Hair Salon we believe in healthy hair, as a result we’re proud to be the first salon in the Kilburn/Hampstead area of London to use the amazing hair healing product, Olaplex.

Olaplex is a product designed to heal the hair strains of the clients it’s applied to.  With the use of this product, if you want your hair coloured during your time at the salon, this product dramatically reduces breakage due to the naturally healing nature of the ingredients used in manufacturing the product.

Olaplex is different, it will leave your hair feeling young, vibrant and healthy. With other hair colouring chemicals, to much use can cause irreparable damage to a clients hair. For the longest time women have continued to use damaging hair product chemicals to look good, at the expense of the long-term health of their hair. With Olaplex those days are over, you can have the good-looks as well as maintaining a healthy head of hair because this product supports you.

How we do the treatment & the fantastic end results...

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